Life can be messy. So messy, it could suck alot of joy out of your life. We're not given a how-to manual, and it's difficult to examine and identify what you need.  Then the needs go and change on you!
We all need tools and skills to navigate life challenges.
And not just survive, but to thrive.
I believe a few essential tools are embracing your authenticity, practicing vulnerability and courage, to help you get and stay connected. 
To yourself. To others. And to your life.
This community and membership does not offer transformation (I know I'm supposed to tell you that it does). But I believe the transformation comes from within you. I do offer the tools; tools that are used in every day life, and every day messes.  
I want to share what I have learned in my professional and personal experience, about emotional wellness skills and development. Things that come up in my office over and over.

Topics to include but not limited to:
values, authenticity, boundaries, stress management, communication, self-care, emotion regulation, trust, goals, shame and more
Empowerment for your journey, reconstruction, and transformation.